Heylen Thienes


After falling madly in love with her then boyfriend/now husband and the small town vibes of Bend, Oregon on a summer vacation, Heylen made the move across the pond six years ago and hasn't looked back.

She is a graphic designer, interior stylist and full time dreamer. She's your contact point and if you have any questions at all give her a shout and she'll be happy to help. 


Seth Thienes


After several years of traveling, deciding the East Coast wasn't for him and meeting his future wife (Heylen), Seth moved back to his native Oregon and chose Bend as the place to plant his roots.

He loves being part of our community, is always happy to help whoever's in need and when he isn't hosting, he's remodeling homes.


Amalia Thienes

mini host extraordinaire

This little rascal is always happy to bring you smiles. You'll likely see her running around the backyard and moving the rocks (and not putting them back) or petting the neighbors' woof woofs.


"Hosts" Photography by Jane Johnson